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family owned
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About us

A small but fantastic family owned and operated Tex-Mex and Mexican Restaurant offering freshly prepared meals and drinks at great prices every day of the week!

Our story

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In July 2017, Chuy and Vanessa Esparza established and opened the doors to Santiago’s Tex-Mex and Cantina restaurant. It has since attracted hundreds of new customers, and because the food is prepared fresh every day, with locally grown produce, it’s no wonder that customers keep coming back.

While Santiago’s Tex-Mex and Cantina has only been in business for a short period, the Esparza family have a long history of working in the restaurant industry and extensive expertise in Mexican food.

It all started in 1931 when tio Jaime opened up his restaurant in downtown Austin called Jaime’s Spanish Village. This was one of the first restaurants in the Austin area to serve Mexican food. Years later, in 1995, Vanessa and Chuy would become part of the Spanish Village family, and their journey would begin.

Of Mexican origin, and with knowledge of Mexican cuisine, Vanessa and Chuy dreamed of opening a restaurant where they could share with others authentic Mexican food, and Tex-Mex plates, a legacy passed down to them from tio Jaime.

Throughout the years, and gained experience in the restaurant business, with perseverance and consistency, they have worked tirelessly to bring the community a place to enjoy delicious Tex-Mex food, as well as authentic Mexican plates.

“We continue to work hard day in and day out, to bring you the freshest ingredients with delicious meals prepared daily. It is our family’s commitment to continue to work hard each day and be here for you. We value every one of our customers and we are thankful for the support. We hope you enjoy coming in as friends, and leave as family!”- Vanessa and Chuy Esparza